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Having an image transferred on to a canvas is a contemporary way of presenting your pictures. Canvas wraps are canvas art prints that are printed on high quality 400gsm White Cotton Canvas using Archival inks on our professional printer. Once printed your canvas art print is then sealed with a UV protective laminate and stretched around a wooden frame. The laminate means that your canvas is splash proof and can be wiped with a soft cloth. The laminate also eliminates cracking of the ink down the edge of your canvas print which usually occurs if the canvas print has been varnished or has no protection at all, something many cheaper canvas prints suffer from. The ultimate aim is to provide you with a canvas print that has the best archival qualities currently available on the market. You have the choice of either wrapping the image around the stretcher* or having a white, black or coloured edge. The stretchers come in 2 thicknesses, either 28mm or 40mm (approx).


*Please take in to account that you will lose part of your image around the stretchers. So if an important part of your image, particularly someone’s head, is near the edge, it may be lost around the side of the stretchers & you will be better having a black, white or coloured edge to your canvas.



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